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We’re just humans who have a history of successful launches on Amazon. We are real people and we provide real solutions.

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Amz Optimizer holds high standards on all of its amazon seller services. Photography and Listing Content are considered as our prime real estate and are, in fact, given the utmost priority. We hold advantage in terms of the convenience we provide to our customers through our state-of-the-art studios which are located in 5 different countries; the USA & UK, China, Australia, and Canada.







We work together to produce designs and creatives that actually come in handy for generating excessive leads. We hold an astute understanding of the modern frameworks and Amazon algorithm which enables us to refine strategies that could potentially boost businesses both inside and outside of Amazon.

We house a team of 25+ Amazon Experts including designers as well as an in-house team of content creators.

Meet The Backstage Troop!

Our story is a little at variance than the rest out there. We came up with the idea over a cup of tea at our go-to place for routine hangouts after our full time office jobs. We intuitively planned to prolong our meet and take it to another level.

Meet Wali

(CEO & Founder)

Let’s first get you acquainted with our very own founder and CEO who laid the first stone of this remarkable journey!

The story began when he shared his idea among his close friends. It worked! He has been a successful Amazon seller and has been to many expos where he met with some of the best influencers. He has got core expertise in PPC and product launches which keeps him busy for most of his day.

He is someone who can cheer up a very hot environment.

Meet Daniyal


Soon after the company name was decided, Daniyal stepped in and took over the operations. His experience in sales helped the company achieve huge milestones which, in the later stage, became the building blocks of the many more successes that have and are yet to come.

Daniyal is fond of taking up challenges. He has a passion for dealing with people who have been through unsuccessful experiences. He locates healthy perspectives on businesses and completes them by putting clever strategies in place. He is the acting CEO of the company. When he is not working, chances are he is relieving stress on a ball right at a table tennis game.

Meet Raza

(Managing Director & CFO)

He came up with our company’s name. We all loved it and looking no further, we bought the domain and started working on the company formation.

Raza is studying Finance and Accounting from the Institute of Business Administration. He shares ample knowledge about Amazon Algorithms and about business growth. He employs all the financial strategies and manages the cash flows to help the business run at its optimum potential. Raza spends most of his workday auditing the listings and finding out new ventures & business avenues. You’ll see him diving into new business avenues every now and then. A true entrepreneur and a business prodigy!

Meet Saad

(Managing Director)

Saad deals with all the insides and outsides of the company logistics. He doesn’t mind doing all the demanding and heavy duty work. He was one of the people who thought about the business plan and effortlessly started to plan for it’s execution.

He likes working at his own pace, but gets the work done before the due time. Whenever he’s free, he likes to play videogames and scroll through creative content, maybe that’s why he tries to employ new and creative ideas into his work and business ethics.

Meet Zaid

(Business Development Specialist)

Meet the backbone of our operations, someone who loves taking on the gruesome and tiresome work inside and outside the company. He enjoys getting work done and setting it out of the way, giving the rest of the organization an easy, comfortable and relaxed environment to work in.

Probably you won't find zaid at all, unless you’re also into hard and tiresome work, inside and outside of the company. You’ll also have to be okay with laughing at jokes that nobody else will laugh at, ever, if you’re tagging along with him. But rest assured, the company rests easy whenever they assign work to Zaid because they know it will get done despite any circumstances and workload.

Meet Sarah

( Content Manager )

Hailing from a Social Sciences and Liberal Arts background, Sarah has a knack for splashing her thoughts onto the paper in a subtle yet articulate manner. It all started when she casually began to maintain a routine diary of her own to put her day into words back in college. Incessantly getting better at what she loved, she planned to pursue writing as her career in the later years and here we are; housing an extremely talented writer to fuse her sense of creativity with our work and produce the best of the best.

Other than writing, she is also super enthusiastic when it comes to playing throwball and badminton. So, watch out before you even think of lashing out on her, because her energetic smashes are not just limited to sports.