August 15, 2023

How To Make Your Amazon Product Video Stand Out?

With over 2.5 Billion sellers on Amazon, it has become even more difficult to stand out your product from the competition. Thanks to the Amazon Product Videography, it really is a great tool to convert potential visitors into buyers.

Why should I use Video in my Listing?

A product video is one of the best ways to optimize your product listing. Videos help sellers to build a relationship with customers. A good video highlights the benefits of a product and answers all the questions which the customer might be thinking at the time of the purchase.
Without any doubt, Amazon Product Videos are an innovative tool to provide excessive information to a customer. A Scenario where you are struggling to get a lot of reviews & ratings, videos can literally change the perception as long as you follow the golden rule ‘What, Where, & Why’. Everything from product values to brand information to the USPs, you should mention them all for maximum conversions.

  • 96% of customers will find video helpful while making online purchasing decisions.
  • 79% of online shoppers would rather see a video to get information about a product than read the text on a page.
  • Over 80% Conversions rate will be increased when the product video is right.

How to Add A Video to Your Amazon Listing?

Previously, only brand registered sellers were allowed to upload a video on Amazon. But after the recent update from Amazon, sellers can access the videos without a brand registry.

Follow these steps to add a video to your product listing:

  1. Go to Seller Central account.
  2. Click on Inventory.
  3. Select Upload & Manage Videos.
  4. Select your video file and Upload Video.
  5. Enter a title related to the video.
  6. Select a thumbnail for the video.
  7. Click on submit button.
What should I need to add Video to my Listing?

There are many things that Amazon product video required to upload your video, which are:

High-Quality Video: Seller must have a high-quality video related to the product. If you don’t have a high-quality video, you can also purchase it from the Amazon Product video creation package.

Thumbnail: Thumbnail image is very important. Image must be in the aspect ratio of 16:9 and a suggested dimension of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Title: Title must be short and related to your product. That can easily identify your product to customers.

Description: Provide a detailed overview of your product in the description that customers can learn by watching your video.

Tips for Sellers to add Video on Listing

Tip #1: Get familiar with Amazon video content policy. Here are few notes from Amazon’s policy to keep in mind:
  • Videos should not contain reviews or quotes of any sort
  • Videos should not contain “stars”
  • No distracting or fast-paced imagery
  • No letterboxing – everything must be full-frame
Tip #2: Use High-Quality Imagery.

Tip #3: Focus on Features and Benefits.

Tip #4: Tailor to your Brand.

Tip #5: Keep it Short.

Tip #6: Product must be put in Front and Center. A lot of sellers think that the logo needs to be put first in a video, but actually, the most effective videos are those that put the product front and center. A seller needs to showcase the product in the first 5 seconds for the best results. If the seller delays showcasing the product first, customers may lose interest or scroll down to the next listing.

What does it Cost to Add a Product Video?

$0. While you may want to pay for pre & post production, there are however no charges on Amazon specifically to upload a video. A product video that is posted in a customer review is free for all brands and sellers, but you should not control it directly. The video production of high-quality products is cheaper than ever. With advances in camera, editing, and lighting technology, video has become very cost-effective.

Types of Product Videos:

There are mainly four common types of product videos which are as follows.

Product Highlight Videos:

This type of video is completely based upon cleanness, simplicity, and focus. It is the 360° view of the product on a clean white background.

Customer Experience Video:

This type of video is designed to help customers understand the product better. These videos show the products that are in use by customers.

Explainer Video:

This type of video is based upon the benefits of the product and how it can be helpful for the customers. A video that shows the value of a product and how the product is used is known as an Explainer video.

Comparison Video:

This type of video shows the product comparing with other products. This will work perfectly when many other similar products are being sold, and your product has many important differences which the buyer wants to know about.

Over to you

Amazon Product video is the best strategy to increase customer satisfaction, decrease returns and negative feedback while keeping your account in good standing with Amazon. There are a number of Amazon Seller Service Provides who can be of help with your Videography needs

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