December 1, 2023

Tip Of The Week | Amazon Selling

Don’t source products based on a set of criteria. Because it's a long list and if you don’t prioritize the most important ones, 2 things can happen

  • You will either find a bad product
  • You will have to rework all again and go through the entire checklist to find another product

Instead, source it based on:

→ Price History.

If the price is going down, it certainly says something. So do check your landing cost if you see the price history going down

→ Seasonal trends.

It’s not uncommon but just in case you have missed this, check this first. If it is a seasonal product and if that is what you are looking for, strategise accordingly

→ Variation ratings.

Variations sound good and it indeed opens up the spectrum. However, ratings for those new variations, be it color or size, matters the most!

→ Sales velocity Vs. profits.

One of the most important things we at Amz Optimizer do when doing product research. Many people don’t even know how to calculate it even though its just the subtraction between the sales and the landing cost (manufacturing + freight) That’s the difference between a newbie seller and a pro seller. Want to build a profitable business on Amazon? Lets connect at

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