August 15, 2023

What does it feel like to run an amazon marketing agency?

A lot of it is about perspective and what basically comes down to what we enjoy. Marketing agency is no joke - there is no script or a roadmap that you have to follow everyday.

No matter how streamline the process is, the owner has to look around the staff and the clients. Even the ones performing good are to be continuously shadowed by me to see what else can be improved.

We aren't just restricted to product research and finding the best suppliers, we also do branding which basically includes photography, copywriting, Videos, and advertising (PPC)

Now let's talk about Amazon Product Photography. As easy as it sounds, the reality is opposite. On every shoot, we have to do massive preparation. The first part is to understand the product and basically the magic you need. The next is to do the preparation in terms of finding the ideal location, the props, and most importantly the models. The third step is to brief the entire pre production team about the goal and how they should do the roleplay.

I certainly enjoy the process. So far we have done hundreds of real life shoots and to be very very honest I haven't once encountered any major issues.

The Creative Process

Not everything that looks good to the eye is effective. Product Videography and photography isn't just about fancy models using the product. It is much more than that.

There are products that do contain innovation and those just need to be displayed in the best possible way. In this case, a hand model together with fast time laps are used to show the unique prepositions.

On the other hand, there are high end products that need that feel. For those too, we always look at the areas that can have a long lasting effect on the viewer.

We achieve this by discussion within our creative team. Unlike many other agencies who keep their creative process so isolated as if they are a federal agency. I on the other hand go on a call with the client or maybe in the chat, I clearly explain my approach and most importantly the 'Why's'. A lot of time it happens that we end up changing the overall approach because the client knows his product too.

I have a very strict policy in terms of my sales people. I don't allow them to take clients as dumb just because we are experts in what we do. Because if you don't respect the client and you don't create an atmosphere of respect, there is no way you will get referrals.

To be honest, I spend very less on our own advertisements. I consider myself to be lucky as we get a lot of referrals.

The Staff

Whenever people hear about business, they only think about managing staff’s salary and bonuses. On the contrary, there goes a lot into managing a great team.

Training - As boring as it might sound, but in these times you need to improve. For that to happen, there goes a lot of training, experimentation and a lot more.

I usually pay an extra bonus to anyone who does something outside of the box either in terms of a static image or in video. This is one reason you will see that our work is pretty much diverse.

The Budget

Once one of my friends said to me that you are good at sales and you should better be self employed instead of owning a team. It did make sense and a lot easier.

However, I am of the opinion that if the world doesn’t benefit from your experience, you are better off dead. Self employed, billionaires do no good to the world. The ones who share, grow together do.

You are welcome to agree or differ. In any case, I would love to hear from you. If you are new here, I must introduce myself. My name is Daniyal, I run this beautiful company where we make great content. If you have a product in mind, reach out to me at and I would love to chat

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