August 15, 2023

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: A New Way to Improve Your Product Listing

EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) or A+content is an innovative and interesting approach to optimiza product listing. It enables the creation of high-quality text and multimedia for your product. You can use EBC to emphasize your product's important qualities, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. EBC also enables you to create an interesting and informative customer experience, increasing product sales and brand recognition.

In this article, I will go into EBC in detail so that you can make your product listing optimization appear excellent.

What is EBC?

EBC stands for Enhanced Brand Content, also known as "A+ Content." Amazon introduces this feature to allow its private label users to improve their Amazon listing optimization and boost sales. EBC allows sellers to add images,3D product rendering, high-end content, and highlight key features that will not only make them stand out from the competition but also improve your product visibility and sales.

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Benefits of Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content:

• Enhanced product descriptions and listings:
A product description tells about your product's features, structure, and functions. It can boost your product sales if it is optimized and the right amount of keywords have been used. A good product description is possible through Amazon's enhanced brand content. However, EBC allows you to create high-quality content and highlight the key features that will solve your customers' confusions and captivate their interest in your products.

• Improve the customer experience:
With EBC, you can engage your customers on your site for a long time by providing good contents, high-quality multimedia, and a rendering of your product. By doing so, the customer experience will improve, and they will become your regular customers if you fulfill all the EBC requirements.

• Better brand image:
With EBC, sellers can showcase their brand in a professional and appealing way. This way, they can differentiate themselves from other sellers or competitors. thus allowing sellers to increase the likelihood of repeat business and improve brand image.

• Increased conversion rates:
EBC is the most effective tool for sellers. They can use this to increase their brand recognition. Enhanced brand content helps sellers increase their conversion. With EBC, you can create enhanced product descriptions, high-quality images, and an improved brand image. All these lead to increases in your brand's conversion rates and greater success on the Amazon marketplace.

• Competitive edge over other sellers:
With EBC, sellers can stand out from their competitors by providing an engaging and informative product listing.

How to Create Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Requirements for eligibility:

Below are the requirements that you need to follow to become eligible for EBC.

1• Brand Registry: to avail of the enhanced brand content for your product listing you need to register yourself first on the Amazon brand registry with an active trademark.

2• ASIN Eligibility: Only those can avail EBC whose products ASIN are live and currently available on Amazon.

Guidelines for Creating EBC:

EBC is an effective and powerful tool for marketing and gaining significant visibility on Amazon. However, there are some recommendations from Amazon that, if followed, can help you make a strong EBC for your product listing.

• Follow Amazon's content rules.
The criteria outlined in Amazon's content regulations must be followed in your EBC material. Like clear writing, crisp graphics, and videos, and your context lacks any price or deceptive claims content.

• Underline significant advantages and characteristics.
Highlight your product's major traits, features, and functions to show your audience how it will benefit them. In this way, you may create powerful EBC material for your product.

• Make use of images and videos.
Showcase your product visualizations, videos, or pictures in a professional manner so that your audience knows what to anticipate from your goods when they buy it from you.

• Include the mission and story of your brand.
Your brand story, mission, history, and values can all be effectively communicated with the help of EBC. Use content that will describe your brand, its goals, and the values it upholds.

• Test and improve.
Any marketing campaign must test and optimize its content in order to stay current with Amazon changes and other marketing requirements. To determine which images and headlines are most effective for your product and your audience, use A/B testing.

Step-By-Step Process for Uploading EBC:

For any registered ASIN, you can follow these steps to add enhanced brand content:

First, log in to your Seller or Vendor Central account.
Click on the advertising tab and open the A+ content manager from the drop-down menu.
Now, click on "Start Creating A+ Content."

Now click on the templates you want for your contents. Amazon has several templates; you can select any that fits your product and brand. You can use these templates to upload images, videos, and listings for your product. Don’t forget to preview your EBC content on both desktop and mobile devices. Once you are done previewing your EBC content and have corrected all the grammatical mistakes, you can now click "Submit" for publishing.

Approval may take up to 7 days, so wait for it patiently. Once your EBC is approved, you can then see it on your product listing and track its performance by using the Amazon Analytics tool.

• Use engaging headlines:
Headlines are the most prominent context for your product listing. Therefore, write engaging and attractive headlines that include almost all the important information about your product. Like a brand name, product color, size, width, etc.

• Highlight key features and benefits:
Add all the details about your product and highlight the key features and benefits that will attract your customer's attention so that they can purchase from you.

• Use high-quality images and videos:
Product images and videos are the first things that audiences see. If they find it good and appealing, they will be more likely to spend time on your site and read your product details. However, don’t compromise on product image quality. Ensure that they are of top-notch quality and attractive enough to get you more consumers.

• Keep the content concise:
Customers don’t prefer reading long paragraphs. However, keep your context short and in bullet points. Your content in bullet points should be in order and not so long that customers get bored reading it. Include all the necessary information about your bullet points that you think customers need to know. Therefore, make sure that your content is easy-to-read and concise.

• Incorporate your brand story and mission:
Audiences like it when you share your brand's story or history. By doing so, they become more interested in your brand's story and history. It is a new way to captivate audiences toward your business and increase your brand's popularity. Therefore, your A+ content must include your brand story, mission, goals, and vision.

Closing Thoughts:

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a powerful and unique marketing tool that allows businesses to promote their products more effectively on Amazon. You may include high-quality graphics, background, videos, headlines, and bullet points. With EBC, you can make your product page more entertaining and informative, which will help you stand out from your competition and enhance your chances of earning more sales.

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