August 15, 2023

Individual Vs Profesional: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Selling plans cater to new sellers and sellers with established businesses with an Individual and a Professional seller plan, respectively. For example, If you’re uncertain about the performance of your product, an Individual plan would be ideal for you as it provides a pay-per-sale model rather than a fixed monthly fee. As we will establish later, there are chances that you might feel stuck with the limited features of the individual seller plan. To combat this concern, Amazon allows you to switch between both plans at any given time.

While you can be eligible for Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA in both plans, the individual plan really doesn’t allow you to do more apart from adding new products to your catalog in the standard 20 categories. The low price of $0.99/unit sold makes it lucrative for sellers with no use for advertising, sales as low as 40 units or less, and sellers in the trial phase with their product.

However, if you have a business that requires and performs more, opt for the professional seller's plan. At $39.99/month, you are free to add as many users, make listings in bulk, and sell any item you want (as long as it stays within the Amazon guidelines) with no categorical restrictions. Inventory reports make for easier restocking, and the insights they provide allow you to manage your business better. A host of on-site advertising tools alongside qualification for top placement on product detail pages and the ability to run promotions make attracting customers and hence sales easier.

The choice really depends on the expectations and future plans that you have for your business. If you sell in a niche market where sales are far and few, you will be better suited with an individual plan. If you sell a lot, a fixed monthly fee and the tools provided to you will help you run efficiently with the professional plan. The freedom to switch will make your decision a bit easier, so try out whatever seems the best fit.

It is imperative to know that the individual plan doesn’t give you enough data to advertise. In 2022, it really doesn’t matter what category or product you are selling, you should always go for the professional plan. One way to advertise is amazon ppc management which really does give your an initial boost and as well as upgrade your organic ranking.

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