August 15, 2023

Are Amazon Video Ads Worth Your Money?

Amazon ads allow for a huge amount of audience to interact with your brand culminating in a high rate of sales and conversion rate. The advertisers are permitted to get in touch with the Amazon customers via targeted video on Amazon, Fire tablet wake screen and mobile apps. It is the best way to communicate with your potential customers via out-stream autoplay video which increases the brand’s chance to attract the maximum number of eyes.

Posting Amazon product video is an essential part of marketing and ensuring that you have a generous space on the map. While, stationary visual aids facilitate the communication amongst the brand owners and customers, videos allow for an escalated propagation of brand identity and vision.

How do I make the best of this feature?

As an international platform paving the way for millions of brands to market their products, Amazon always makes sure that there are optimum ways for these brands to expand their customer base and get in touch with a larger audience. When videos deemed necessary to stand out in this competitive world, Amazon introduced the feature of video ads to assist the vendors in making more sales than they were when this feature did not exist.

However, to make the best of this feature, one must ensure that they are using a certain set of Amazon product video guidelines so the hard work they put on crafting ad videos pays off and gets them the amount of customers they anticipate. Amazon product video guidelines house a detailed list of demands that necessarily need to be met in order to execute a systematic yet creative video ad and ultimately escalate your conversion rate.

For starters, your video must not contain unnecessary animation or redundant elements that could distract the audience from the prime purpose of the video. The video must house a visible and clear picture of your brand logo so that your audience does not get confused while watching the video and get acquainted with the link to see if your ad really appeals to them. There must not be any sort of price-saving claim or factors that are humanly impossible to be met. The video has to be extremely realistic and must not put the brand on the top. This means the unrealistic claims such as ‘leading brand’ ‘number one soap’ must not be made. Amazon product videography, a major part of the advertisement, must be devoid of any form of third-party sources such as customer reviews. This creates a degree of bias which goes against the rules Amazon sets for the vendors and itself to abide by. Other than that, Amazon video services cannot have slang language as its copy or any kind of pressuring language to compel the audience to land on your product page.

Why are video ads so important?

For starters, producing videos is deemed a comprehensive way to communicate your brand's purpose by a myriad of marketers. They are seven times more likely to receive CTR than ordinary pictures. This is because they are more engaging and the dynamic pictures retain maximum amount of attention for a noticeable period of time.

Moreover, one can easily show the use of the product with more clarity using video ads. This way the potential customer becomes more convinced to get a hold of the product. Such as, the coffee machine could demonstrate its use and features. A pool can depict the degree of fun it has to offer. A stylish jewelry can flaunt the look it aims to provide its users. No matter what the product is, a video will have the viewer imagine themselves using the product resulting in convincing them to buy it.

How are Sponsored Brand Videos different from Amazon Video Ads?

Amazon Video Ads are only accessible to advertisers who own an Amazon Advertising account. It has a lot to offer to its users including custom-built landing pages and search ads. Like Sponsored Brand Ads, Amazon video productions autoplay as they appear in the search results or the product description page. The latter offers a ‘cross-screen package’ which means that the constructed ads appear on platforms owned by Amazon as well. These platforms include Prime Video, IMDb etc. Due to the fact that it allows for the ads to reach such a larger audience, it demands payments accordingly making it a very pricey feature. Moreover, Amazon video advertisements (AVAs) also provide performance-base analytics so the advertisers can set their marketing goals accordingly to attract maximum attention.

However, it must be noted that AVAs might not be able to get you more leads or a better conversion rate because it does not exceptionally target potential buyers. If you are already a well-established corporation and only seeking to create brand awareness on a larger scale then this feature is definitely for you.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video (SBV) is a new feature introduced by Amazon for advertising and marketing. It does not necessitate any peculiar applications or account approvals except brand registry to be used. The advertiser does not have to commit to pay any certain amount, rather can stay in their budget and get their conversion rate escalated. This is why video ads can be used by smaller businesses with a tight budget.

Moreover, SBV specifically targets customers who intend on buying it rather than randomly placing the ads on multiple platforms just as AVAs. This is why the sales can potentially be increased if one invests in SBV. So, both the platforms own a plethora of benefits in accordance with the demands you are looking to be met.

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