August 15, 2023

Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands On Amazon Buy Box

Amazon Buy Box is a tab on the product detail page that allows the customers to start the purchasing process and add multiple items in their shopping carts. It escalates sales by portraying a trustworthy brand representation. This is achieved by a good number of reviews and ratings on the product detail page. As the brand gains reliability, traffic automatically starts to rocket up.

Sellers who do not own the Amazon Buy Box are automatically dumped into the ‘see all buying options’ tab as the shopper looks for what they need. This reduces the product visibility and the chances of making a sale for the vendor. This is why you need the Amazon Buy Box, specially in 2022 when the competition has reached really high.

Know that the Buy Box works like a stock market where you buy shares and then Amazon looks for the best deal and benefits you accordingly. Amazon’s algorithm filters the shareholders considering multiple factors such as using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Seller-fulfilled Prime, Shipping time and Landed price. This incentivizes the sellers to keep minimum prices up to attract a larger amount of crowd and keep the market regularized and in order.

If you are looking to get your hands on an Amazon Buy box, it is imperative that you make sure that your price is competitive, you own a good number of ratings and reviews and that there is enough stock availability. If you run out of stock on Amazon, Amazon will take away the Buy Box from you.

On Amazon, you need to play your cards right. You can take help of Amazon Seller Services from any renowned agency or a freelancer who has a track record of achieving 6 figures sales on Amazon. That’s all from this blog; I would be happy to answer any questions my readers may have.

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