November 24, 2023

Improve Your Brand Engagement with Amazon Product Packaging

Imagine you're scrolling through an online store, and certain brands just pop out because of their bright colors or their visually appealing product images. That’s how the online sellers market their product by efficient product images that may attract the customers.

Now, let's talk about selling stuff online, like on Amazon. There is a lot of competition and while selling your product on this platform you just need everything to be the best.

Why Does Amazon Product Packaging Matter So Much?

So when a customer places an order online at your shop, they are not just looking for a product but an experience of buying through your online store. What they might need is an experience like unwrapping the box or to share the product online, Amazon product packages can bring that feeling.

First things first, your packaging needs to protect your product during delivery. But it's not just about being strong. Your packaging should also look good and tell people something about your product.

Well-Designed Packaging

Good packaging is not just about keeping your product safe. It's like a tool that helps people remember your brand, keeps customers coming back, and makes them think your product is valuable.

Creating packaging that stands out ensures people remember your brand. The packaging also gives an idea of how good your product is.

Understanding Amazon's Packaging Rules

Amazon has some strict rules about packaging, whether you're sending it yourself (Fulfilled by Merchant or FBM) or Amazon is doing it (Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA). There are things you must do, like putting a label called FNSKU and telling people where your product comes from.

Few Design Tips

Now, let's talk about how your packaging should look. Keep it simple and easy to understand. People like it when they can quickly see what a product is about. In the online world, your packaging has to stand out among lots of other products.

It's important to know who your customers are. For example, if you're selling things for kids, bright colors might be good. But if it's a more simple product like furniture, bright colors might make it look cheap. Whatever you choose for your product packaging, keep it consistent.

Adding your contact information is a good idea. It shows you're open to hearing from customers. Also, make sure your packaging is easy to open as people don't like struggling with layers of packaging.

Adding a little card or pamphlet with a personal touch is a great way to connect with your customers. You can also use it to ask for reviews or guide them to your website or social media.

What to Avoid

Amazon has some rules you must follow. No direct marketing materials like price tags or fancy labels or non-Amazon labels can be used. Also, be careful when asking for reviews, keep it as simple as you can and ask for the reviews in a neutral way like whether it is positive or negative. You don't have to emphasize on a positive review from the customer.

Wrapping up

Packaging might not seem like a big deal, but it can make customers come back and be happy with your brand. This is so important if you're starting your brand on Amazon.

Even the small changes in design can change how people see and use your products. While everyone has different tastes, your design should be liked by many. Keep it simple and make choices that match your product and brand values.

On Amazon, your packaging is not just a formality instead of that it's like a silent ambassador for your brand.

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