August 15, 2023

Quick Start Your Amazon Seller Journey With These Must-Have Ctr Increasng Tips

CTR can be equated to clicks divided by impressions. It essentially shows the traffic directed to the product. The higher the CTR, the more powerful your product. Contrary to popular belief though, having a high CTR isn’t always a good thing—more on that later—but it still is a very powerful weapon in any seller’s arsenal.

So now that we know the ‘what’ and ‘why’, let’s move to the ‘how’.

The CTR of your listing is majorly influenced by a handful of essential elements:,

  • Listing images, titles, and description
  • Number of Reviews
  • Ad Placement
  • Ad Relevance
  • Pricing
  • Badges
  • FBA Eligibility

If you’re experiencing a low CTR, there is a possibility it stems from the lack of optimization of these crucial factors.

Let’s look at how you can achieve your CTR goals through these factors, one by one.

1. Listing image, title, and description

Starting with the heart of a listing, the title and image are the first step to grabbing a potential buyer’s attention.

Your titles need to have well-researched keywords and your listing images should clearly identify all of the features of your product.

While it is important to tell a story through your listing images and build an emotional connection, try not to compromise on their simplicity and quality.

Alongside images, you need to have a pretty solid product description too.

Perfectly curating your description according to customer reviews on your competitor’s listing is a great way to address any of their concerns before they even raise them.

Lastly, it is important to describe your product in a way that your target audience would understand. Amazon has a huge market and you wouldn’t want to miss out on potential customers because they just didn't understand you. Long story short, product photography for amazon is crucial and it sure does need your attention more than anything.

2. Number of Reviews

Reviews are important for customers who are spending their hard-earned cash, as they are testimonials from other customers. But you’re not just looking for quantity, you’re looking for quality too. A hundred 1-star reviews won’t do you any good, it's bound to make things worse. Although the magnitude of potential reviewers decreased significantly after Amazon banned incentivized reviews, there is still a lot you can do to get those vital pieces of validation. Implement a high conversion follow-up sequence, run sponsored ads, or drive external traffic to your listing.

3. Ad Placement

Ads on top of the search results page have the highest CTR. Ads on Product pages however have the lowest average CTR (0.36%). This is caused by a large number of ad slots racking up the impressions.

Recall that CTR = Clicks / Impressions

It is a common misconception that impressions mean clicks. Impressions are just a verification that your ad was indeed shown to people, and not that it had any clicks.

Hence, you must make the right ad placement choices to increase your CTR.

4. Ad Relevance

While we’re on the subject of ads, it’s important to touch upon a few things.

We are all on tight budgets, especially the new startups, and clicks cost you in PPC advertising. So it's important to do your research on keywords to make sure you’re not wasting funds on irrelevant search terms.

A good identifying factor is their low CTR (0.2%-0.3%), and once you do spot them, you should probably block them immediately.

A few good keyword research tools are SEMrush, KWfinder, and Google Keyword planner.

5. Pricing

Your pricing should be competitive for you to turn your clicks into a purchase.

If you think your product’s quality earns it an above-market level price, make sure to point out its redeeming factors as clearly as possible.

Selling your product for too cheap will also deter potential buyers, as they wouldn’t trust your product.

Use of Charm Prices (i.e prices ending with the numbers ‘9’, ‘99’ or ‘95’) and coupons can allow you to play with the consumer’s euphoria associated with getting a deal. Coupons also earn you a badge, and badges are crucial for standing out.

6. Badges

When you're trying to get your product discovered on Amazon, it's important to have several different strategies working for you at once.

One of the most effective ways to increase click-through rates is to use badges on your listings. These are little icons that Amazon displays next to a product listing to help inform shoppers and add credibility. For example, listings can display the "Amazon Choice" badge, which identifies products that have high ratings and positive customer reviews.

Badges can be extremely helpful when it comes to building trust with potential buyers. When they see credible badges on a listing, they're more likely to click through and make a purchase. And best of all, these badges are easy to earn if you're using listing optimization best practises for your Amazon store.

7. FBA Eligibility

When you get the green light from Amazon and display the coveted FBA badge on your product listing, you earn consumer trust.

Shoppers know products fulfilled by Amazon include free shipping and are eligible for returns. This in return boosts click-through rates, which helps your product rank higher in search results.

Why having a high CTR isn’t always a good thing

Having a high CTR can sometimes mean you are often garnering the wrong kind of attention.

For example, you might be attracting customers looking for children’s toys while you are selling toys for dogs. The customer will click off immediately and be disappointed

You can save your PPC campaign budget and your customers’ time and disappointment by using a healthy amount of negative keywords, so you have a better chance at attracting exactly the audience you want.

*Sigh* that was easy, right? Now go on and apply these things you’ve learned to get them sweet, sweet sales.

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