January 5, 2024

Optimize Your Amazon Listings with Product Videos?

If you're selling products on Amazon, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. One of the best ways to do that is by adding product videos to your listings. Product videos can showcase your product features, benefits, and quality in a way that photos and text can't. They can also help you build trust and credibility with your potential buyers, and increase your conversion rates.

But how do you create and optimize product videos for Amazon?

Use a Catchy Title and Thumbnail

Your title and thumbnail are the first impressions that your customers get when they see your video on your listing. They can make or break your video's performance, so you need to make them catchy and appealing.

Your title should tell your customers what your product is and why they should buy it. Use keywords that describe your product's features, benefits, or use cases. Keywords help your customers find your video when they search for products like yours.

Use clear and concise language that communicates your product's value proposition. Don't use too much capitalization, punctuation, or emojis that might make your title look childish. Use them sparingly and only when they add value to your title.

Your thumbnail is the visual representation of your video. It should be eye-catching and appealing, but also relevant and accurate.

Showcase Your Product Features and Benefits

The main purpose of your amazon product video is to show your customers why they should buy your product. To do that, you need to highlight your product features and benefits in a clear and compelling way.

You only have a few seconds to catch your viewer’s attention and make them want to watch more. So start with a catchy headline or a provocative question. Show them how your product can help them overcome their challenges, or improve their lives.

Don't just tell them what your product does, show them how it works or how to use it. Use clear and simple language, visuals, and demonstrations to explain your product features and benefits. Make sure to highlight the unique selling points and advantages of your product over competitors.

Add a Clear Call to Action

The last step of your product video is to persuade your customers to take action. You want them to click on the buy button, add your product to their cart, or visit your website for more information. To do that, you need to add a clear call to action at the end of your video.

A call to action is a crucial element of any product video. It can make the difference between a viewer who watches and forgets, and a viewer who watches and buys.

Amazon Product Videography Guidelines

Amazon has some guidelines for video content that you need to comply with if you want your videos to be approved and displayed on the platform. Here are the main points you need to know:

  • Your videos must be relevant to the product and the listing. Don't use videos that are unrelated or misleading.
  • Your videos must be high-quality and professional-looking. Don't use videos that are blurry, shaky, dark, or noisy. For example, don't show a video that was recorded with a low-quality camera or in a poor environment.
  • Your videos must have clear audio and video. Don't use videos that have distorted sound, background noise, or subtitles that are hard to read.
  • Your videos must have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Don't use videos that are too small or too pixelated.
  • Have a maximum file size of 1 GB and duration of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Your videos must not include any promotional or external content, such as logos, URLs, phone numbers, or email addresses. Don't use videos that are advertising or linking to other websites or products.


Product videos are a powerful way to optimize amazon listings and increase your sales. Remember, videos are a powerful way to showcase your products and increase your sales, but only if they are done right. You can create engaging and effective amazon product videos that showcase your product value proposition and persuade your customers to take action. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your product videos today and see the difference they can make for your business.

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