August 15, 2023

What Is Amazon Product Ranking?

Amazon product ranking is to determine how well the product is selling compared to similar products. There are many factors that are used to decide a product ranking, however, the sales history of Amazon’s products was influenced by key components. The best-seller ranking is refreshed each hour to not only reflect historical sales information, but also current sales information. When a customer searches for any type of product, Amazon’s sophisticated algorithms decide which product is right for the customer criteria and presents the most relevant product to its customers.

How Does Amazon Product Rating Affect My Sourcing Decision?

Amazon product ranking is a great platform to identify which products to sell on Amazon. A product with a higher ranking means that the product sells very fast. You should try to avoid products with a very low Best Seller Ranking or (BSR) while choosing your products to sell because such products probably will not sell well. It is difficult to find products with a higher ranking. But, if you can find a product with a higher potential market and profit opportunity that means you have the sweet spot you should be aiming for.

How to increase your Amazon Best Product Ranking?

To increase your Amazon Best Product Ranking you need to follow these few steps.

  • Provide relevant information in your product description and title, in this way you can increase your product visibility and sales as well.
  • Pricing your products competitively will increase your chance to win Amazon buy box, and also lead you to higher conversion rates.
  • Price your products in categories to increase the rate of sales, where the competition is lower and you get more visibility.
  • Due to the free 2-day shipping, consumers prefer completion through Amazon (FBA) products. It can be helpful for you to increase your sales and product ranking as well.
  • Provide Relevant and descriptive keywords throughout your listing to increase your visibility on Amazon.

Amazon Product Factors

Amazon Product Factors

Ranking: Sales ranking is the most important factor. A higher ranking depends upon more sales.

Reviews: The number of product reviews you receive from customers and the quality of these reviews is a very important factor.

Questions Answers: The question answered plays an important part in ranking because they are listed at the top of the product page.

Image quality: Using a high-quality image can help customers to zoom in and see your product in more detail.

Pricing: Price your product in categories, where the competition is lower and you get more visibility. It is one of the most important Buy Box factors.

Child Products: Use Amazon Parent-Child Product functionality and get a direct customer to a single product page. This will help maximize your customer reviews.

Bounce Rate: How much time a customer spends on your listing will help Amazon review how much a customer is interested in your product.

Complete Product Listing: Every single product listing of your page must be completed, this will help you to maximize your chance to get in a higher ranking.

Title: A good product title should contain decent keywords, be easy to read, and under 200 characters. This will increase your conversion rate.

Bullet Points: Using bullet points in your product description will be very helpful for you to increase your conversion rate.

Product Description: Use a product description to explain your product in detail and include your keywords. A great product description will help you to increase customer engagement and increase conversion rate.

Brand and Manufacturer: List brand and manufacturer part number in your title. This will help customers searching by brand name or number to find your products.

Specifications: Specify every detail of your products including Nature, Size, Weight, etc. By entering details, you can show Amazon that you are proactive when it comes to listing.

Types: Choose the most relevant type for your product, when listing your product. It can also help you to increase your customer engagements.

Search Item: Use appropriate keywords according to your product to associate your product in the search bar.

Negative Seller Feedback: Your feedback rating is also an important factor for Higher Ranking. All negative feedback counts against you in terms of product search results.

Order Processing Speed: Ship fast and accurately to become a successful seller on Amazon. With efficient order processing, you will also get a higher ranking.

In-Stock Rate: Amazon always likes sellers with higher in-stock rates to minimize refunds and pre-fulfillment cancelation. Poor inventory can cause popular products to go out of stock.

Perfect Order Percentage (POP): Sellers with Perfect Order Percentage or (POP) will rank higher compare to those who have order issues.

Order Defect Rate (ODR): Try to avoid Order Defect Rate or (ODR), it happens when a customer claims an order. Order Defects may cause damage to your ranking.

Exit Rate: Exit Rate is the percentage of time a customer visited your listing and then exit Amazon. Products with a lower exit rate will rank higher and engage more customers.


Provide relevant and complete product information to rank higher in Amazon. In this way, you can increase your product visibility and Engage more customers.

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